ICT based positive incentive system for MOL Bubi public bike sharing scheme

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Thematic category of idea: Marketing and mobility management Business Models, Legislation Digital services supporting Public Transport
Transport System: Bus Metro Tram Train
What is the aim of the idea?: Increases satisfaction of the users of the public transport Increases satisfaction of the employers of public transport Lowers the cost of public transport
Created: 8 years ago
Created by: András Kőrizs

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

The basic idea is to provide ICT based positive incentives to encourage people to achieve a modal shift from conventionally fuelled vehicles towards a more sustainable mode of transport, namely MOL Bubi public bike sharing scheme.

Full Description of the idea

MOL Bubi public bike sharing system was launched in September 2014. Despite its huge success, the system still has more capacity to attract more users. After one year, BKK registered 1 000 000 rents, however the daily average is 2 rents/bike. This allows BKK to easily double the rents and the number of users. BKK plans to develop ICT based positive incentive scheme in the framework of the EMPOWER project. We will use gamification and reward change by social recognition, prizes, rewards and discounts. Our main focus will be to achieve a mode shift towards MOL Bubi in the aspect of short trips (1-5 km) in the city centre, and to shift on-site parking to off-site parking. We will also foster redistribution (maintenance) and we will widen the range of users (tourists, families, elderly people) to influence the user habits in order to achieve more frequent usage. By the use of the ICT based mobile application BKK will collect GPS data directly from the users, and conduct satisfaction surveys that will be used to fine tuning of the MOL Bubi services. We expect that the number of MOL Bubi rents will increase by 75% that will lead to the increase of the revenues as well.

Budapest, Hungary

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